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The Baker System™

We’re here to help
We know you already have the talent and experience to run your business–or you would no longer be in business.
We also know that you’re likely too busy just keeping the business going to think about where it’s going.
We’ll help you to refocus on the direction and give you practical tools and techniques to reach your goals.

What it is
It’s a common sense approach to restaurant operations
The Baker System is a remarkably natural framework to strengthen and expand your restaurant business.

How it works
It guides and facilitates your own vision and expertise
We provide the foundation and structure (the why and how) and then help you to develop your own program for success (the who, what, when, and where).

Why it works
It’s fair and reasonable
Within The Baker System, the entire team knows and understands their collective and individual goals and responsibilities, what must happen and why, and every individual has the authority to be responsible for achieving those goals.
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