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What do you get for $99 per month...and how much work will it take on your part?

You get welcomate — a fully-customized guest relationship database and direct response marketing system (plus a whole lot more). You receive all of the benefits of welcomate, as shown on the previous pages, for $99 a month.


We do most of the work for you

  • we customize a plan that suits your establishment;
  • we customize your VIP applications;
  • we customize and personalize the promotions;
  • we set up all of your promotions in the welcomate system;
  • we analyze your data;
  • we segment your guest list, with up to 3 different selections every month, and target the
  • promotions according to your customers’ interests;
  • we include six different promotional designs;
  • we assist you in obtaining and understanding welcomate reports;
  • we provide full telephone and email support for welcomate and all of our services;
  • we will help you conduct a new customer acquisition campaign;
  • we will increase your profits.

However, we need your commitment to the following:

  • invite your guests to join the VIP program. (Step 2 )
  • enter each guest’s information into the welcomate system. (Step 3)
  • enter promotion redeptions into the system. (Step 7)
  • provide excellent customer service.

Promotion cost: For $0.60 each (standard postcards)

  • we design, print, personalize and mail promotional material to your customers.


Use welcomate Risk Free:

welcomate comes with a guarantee of satisfaction. If, for any reason you’re not happy with welcomate, you may terminate the agreement with no further obligation to Baker Restaurant Systems.

Upon your request to terminate welcomate, Baker Restaurant Systems will extract your data from welcomate™ and provide that data to you as a set of Excel® files.

You have absolutely nothing to lose!

This system is user-friendly and quick and easy to implement.


Order welcomate NOW to get started.

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