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Report Analysis:
   We analyze your data

welcomateprovides detailed reporting that’s yours to view anytime.

Promo Sales Summary Report(click on the image to display an enlarged view.)

This is an example of the Promo Sales Summary report (by month). This easy to read report informs you of the total amount that you've spent on promotions each month, as well as your total profit and return on investment.

You may also view each promotion separately, in detail.

Customer Response S(click on the image to display an enlarged view.)

Here we have a portion of a Customer Response Summary report. This report shows the profitability of each customer in the system. You may sort this report by the total amount spent by each guest, by check average, or by the number of visits.

We will analyze the response reports for all of your marketing efforts, along with your monthly statistics, to ensure that we are moving in the right direction.There is no guess-work and no question regarding the effectiveness of your direct response marketing when you use welcomate.

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