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Additional Services

  • Additional promotion designs: $50
  • VIP application forms: $0.15 each
  • Standard postcards: $0.60 each
  • Large postcards: $0.80 each
  • Personalized tri-fold letters: $1.10 each
  • Half birthday letters in half envelopes: $1.10 each
  • New customer letters (tri-fold): $1.10 each
  • Two of a Kind Promotion (tri-fold): $1.29 each
  • Happy Return Envelopes: $0.55 each
  • Puzzle Promotion: $1.29 each
  • New customer acquisition lists: Based on supplier charges

Note that you may do your own printing for any of these promotions. Please contact us for pricing for design and setup.

Consultation is available for...

  • Creating your marketing budget and targeted sales goal
  • Creating an in-house turnkey marketing campaign (learn how to do all of this on your own)
  • Hospitality marketing
  • Analyzing the cost of goods
  • Back of the house training (4 critical skills)
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