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Implementing welcomate in your restaurant

IT’S AS EASY AS 1 - 2 - 3

First we get to know as much about your restaurant as we can, then we will customize a program that will work best for you. We may need to get some images of your restaurant such as menu items, staff, logos, restaurant awards (if any), anything you’re willing to use and share, so we can use them to customize promotions for your restaurant.

Next we design promotions that will harmonize with your restaurant brand. These promotions will be jumbo postcards sent to new customers, smaller postcards sent to your database members, targeted HTML emails sent to your birthday patrons, new sign-up members, half birthday patrons, and monthly newsletters that will advertise your monthly events and/or specVIP Applicationials. We also customize bounce back gift certificates you may use as you wish, and to begin the process we customize a membership application as shown to the right.

Last, we provide you with a customized welcomate database and train your staff how to use it.

THAT’S IT! Now we’re ready to get to work, set up a monthly marketing campaign and manage the program for you can focus on managing your restaurant!



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