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The Baker System™

HOW The Baker System works

Season ticket holders
The goal of The Baker System is to foster each guest’s sense of belonging. Our most dedicated fans are very real members of the team and are critical to the game plan.

Most Valuable Patrons
The business advantage of such loyal MVPs is multiplied by the number of visits they make, and by the number of friends they introduce to us.

Front of the house
Hospitality Diplomacy
Every single guest feels genuinely welcome, respected, and appreciated. They are greeted warmly, given much more than they’ve come to expect from our competition, and when we say “thank you for coming,” they truly understand we’re talking to them, not their dollars. They are so overwhelmed that they want to return soon, with friends.

Back of the house
Cost and quality control
There is nothing wrong with meat and potatoes, except that’s exactly what our competition is selling tonight. Eating out has become a routine, and every customer can see and taste a two-dollar difference in value on the plate. Our job is to entice them with menu selections they can’t get anywhere else.

Marketing and promotion
Inviting lifelong customers (welcomate)
As we’ve said, eating out is a routine, another modern convenience, a habit. We need to maintain a presence in the front of our customers’ minds, to give them a conscious reason to stop by again so we can impress them once more. We want to become their restaurant.

Management and ownership
Mastering Management Program
Management sets the game plan and roster, then coordinates the team effort by calling the plays, encouraging teamwork, acknowledging smart play and hustle, and correcting deficiencies in the system. Management gives the team credit for success and accepts the blame otherwise.
Everyone on the team must understand and accept The Baker System philosophy and strategy. Everyone must understand and accept, and be given the authority to carry out, their personal responsibilities within the game plan.

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