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The Baker System™

WHAT The Baker System does

Patterns of success
•People precede profits.
•People run the systems, systems run the business.
•Focus on the fundamentals of the system and long-term success will follow.

Front of the house
Hospitality Diplomacy
This is the public face of your restaurant: the wait staff, the dining facilities, the menu, the service and presentation–the atmosphere.

Back of the house
Cost and quality control
This is the engine that drives your restaurant: the kitchen staff and facilities, the quality, the value, the ingredients, the recipes, the freshness–the flavor.

Marketing and promotion
Inviting lifelong customers (welcomate)
Satisfied guests are the fuel that feeds the engine. “Regulars” form an energy pipeline to your door.

Management and ownership
Mastering Management Program
Management is responsible for integrating the restaurant’s offerings to deliver a consistently satisfying dining experience.

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